Well, I kinda let this sit on the backburner. No hits, so I didn’t see much point! Now that I am on the blogroll, I will make a more concerted effort.

I have been keeping my skills updated. Trained Mass Production to IV so I could get more stuff into the oven, and managed to snag a researched Badger MkII BPO for UNDER market price of an NPC sseded BPO!

Right now I am working on Drone V so I can protect myself against the casual belt ratter who wants to try his luck. Next up are some more drone support skills and probably some armor tanking skills. Then Mining Barge V and Astrogeology V.

I will also be honest, I have not been able to log in as much as I would like. I still play WoW and am one of the guild leaders of the top Alliance raiding guild on my server, so my time is stretched thin. 3.1 recently came out, and the raiding schedule has been murder.

However, herein lies one of the strengths of EVE… I really don’t have to log in that much to keep my skills going. Especially with the skill queue. So, I look forward to when I have more time which should be within the next couple of weeks.


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