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Posted in Uncategorized on May 4, 2009 by katzukov

Well, I kinda let this sit on the backburner. No hits, so I didn’t see much point! Now that I am on the blogroll, I will make a more concerted effort.

I have been keeping my skills updated. Trained Mass Production to IV so I could get more stuff into the oven, and managed to snag a researched Badger MkII BPO for UNDER market price of an NPC sseded BPO!

Right now I am working on Drone V so I can protect myself against the casual belt ratter who wants to try his luck. Next up are some more drone support skills and probably some armor tanking skills. Then Mining Barge V and Astrogeology V.

I will also be honest, I have not been able to log in as much as I would like. I still play WoW and am one of the guild leaders of the top Alliance raiding guild on my server, so my time is stretched thin. 3.1 recently came out, and the raiding schedule has been murder.

However, herein lies one of the strengths of EVE… I really don’t have to log in that much to keep my skills going. Especially with the skill queue. So, I look forward to when I have more time which should be within the next couple of weeks.



Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on April 7, 2009 by katzukov

Well, I am finally in my Retriever and settled in a .5 system. I need to grab BPO’s from the area, but I am only a few jumps from a regional hub. Despite being in a dead-end system, there are still about 50 day waits for ME research.

Working on Mining Upgrades IV now, and will polish up Gallente Industrial IV later in the week. I need this obviously so I can jetcan mine with a GSC so I don’t get flipped. Cannot do that right now with just my Retriever.

Been mining a lot of Golden Omber and Massive Scordite. There is also a lot of Pyroxeres in the system, so Mexallon won’t be an issue. I will still need to buy Zyrdrine, which is unfortune but unavoidable until I get into a 0.0 alliance.

More training

Posted in Out of Character with tags , , on April 3, 2009 by katzukov

Well, I took Katzukov out into the belts for the first time. While I have almost a billion in ISK, I didn’t want to drop 2 mil a pop on Miner II’s that I will not be using once I get into a barge… so I just bought some Meta 4 Miner I’s.

Getting out there, I realized just how much training I have to do to get my character really usuable. I have to train Anchoring obviously… by some stroke of really bad luck the system my Corp is based in is only 3 jumps from Jita. I have been suicided TWICE… while in a Navitas! What the hell was I going to have in the damn thing that was worth two battlecruisers?

Anyway, Astrogeology IV is finishing up tonight, then its onto Mining Barge I-IV. Then Refining to IV, then Scordite Processing to IV… then probably Veldspar Processing IV. Got lucky the other night and found a TON of Massive Scordite roids in a belt… mined them dry. 90,000m3 of massive Scordite in my corporate hangar right now… not gonna refine it until I get my processing skills up. For some reason, I am a Gallente pilot in a Caldari station… but there is no penalty to my refine beyond the 5% tax. So I really am not going to bother with working on standings. That would require me to shift to combat at least partially, and I don’t want to do that.

Long term plans:

I plan on starting work on my Industrial/Invention skills once I get in a Retriever (Whatever the T3 mining barge is… I know its Procuror, Retriever, Covetor… I just don’t remember what order they go in is). Probably not much right now, just enough to get a feel for the way things work.

I need to find a 0.0 alliance I think. I love the industrial side of things so far, and really wanna get out into 0.0 and make my mark on the EVE world.

Any takers? Latrange?

Where I am so far

Posted in Out of Character with tags , , , on March 31, 2009 by katzukov

I started Katzukov two weeks or so ago. My old character had a few billion ISK in assets in 0.0 (I got some lucky faction drops)… but the alliance I was a part of was pushed out of 0.0 apparently (IAC). So, I have around half a billion in liquid assets and a few hundred million more in ships and modules on the character. This is more than enough to get a new character set up.

I naturally started with learning skills. I have Learning to IV, all the basic attribute skills to IV, and the advanced MEM and INT skills to IV. As I am just training Mining and industrial skills right now, I do not see the point of training PERC/WIL/CHA attributes at the moment.

Once I got the learning skills out of the way, I trained Science IV and Cybernetics III so I could plug +3 plants into my head. This lets me train the industrial and mining skills fairly quickly (1600 SP/hr). I have heard of people getting 2500 SP/hr… and I frankly have no idea how they manage to do it. Does 4 more attribute points make that big of a difference? If so, it may be worthwhile to train my primary stat skills both to V… but I recall an article saying it takes YEARS to make up the time.

Anyway, with my plants in my head I started training the core skills for my profession. First was Mining V, then Industry V… then I forgot I actually needed to fly ships to fly and I trained Gallente Frigate to IV and Spaceship Command to IV. Right now, I am training Astrogeology to IV so I can fly barges.

The immediate goal right now is obviously to run T2 strips on a Retriever. I will likely have to train some cap skills to be able to run it constantly. But that is at least a week in the future.


Posted in Out of Character with tags , on March 31, 2009 by katzukov

My name is Evan. I have been playing EVE Online off and on since release… always as a PVP/mission runner. I have spent time in 0.0 pewing away at the 0.0 rats (1.25m is awfully nice for 2 minutes work). However, I always leave after a few months or so. I have yet to get a character above 10m SP.

This is going to change. I have decided to completely reroll a new character… and be an industrialist. I am going to pew rocks instead of players and build the ships I used to blow up.

This EVE blog will be both in character and out of character (the transitions will be noted of course). One, this will be a creative outlet. And two… this will hopefully serve as a guide to future players so they do not make the mistakes I will certainly make.