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Where I am so far

Posted in Out of Character with tags , , , on March 31, 2009 by katzukov

I started Katzukov two weeks or so ago. My old character had a few billion ISK in assets in 0.0 (I got some lucky faction drops)… but the alliance I was a part of was pushed out of 0.0 apparently (IAC). So, I have around half a billion in liquid assets and a few hundred million more in ships and modules on the character. This is more than enough to get a new character set up.

I naturally started with learning skills. I have Learning to IV, all the basic attribute skills to IV, and the advanced MEM and INT skills to IV. As I am just training Mining and industrial skills right now, I do not see the point of training PERC/WIL/CHA attributes at the moment.

Once I got the learning skills out of the way, I trained Science IV and Cybernetics III so I could plug +3 plants into my head. This lets me train the industrial and mining skills fairly quickly (1600 SP/hr). I have heard of people getting 2500 SP/hr… and I frankly have no idea how they manage to do it. Does 4 more attribute points make that big of a difference? If so, it may be worthwhile to train my primary stat skills both to V… but I recall an article saying it takes YEARS to make up the time.

Anyway, with my plants in my head I started training the core skills for my profession. First was Mining V, then Industry V… then I forgot I actually needed to fly ships to fly and I trained Gallente Frigate to IV and Spaceship Command to IV. Right now, I am training Astrogeology to IV so I can fly barges.

The immediate goal right now is obviously to run T2 strips on a Retriever. I will likely have to train some cap skills to be able to run it constantly. But that is at least a week in the future.